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Love by Clients of Studio Kristen

Studio Kristen designs customized website designs that reflect the unique spirit of nonprofits and the arts

An energizing and evocotive modern dance company
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"Kristen has improved our profile considerably! The look and style of our website is now sophisticated and dynamic.

"She not only provided us with excellent service, but Kristen is an artist at what she does."

~ Robert Moses, Artistic/Executive Director

Leah Prassinos of Pets UnlimitedPETS UNLIMITED
Pets Unlimited is a 24-hour Veterinary Center and Shelter and Adoption Center
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"Kristen is a phenomenal artist with the gifts of communication and creative talent. She not only understood what we wanted but she also translated that laundry list of demands into a beautiful, fully functional customized WordPress website within our budgetary guidelines.

"She quickly and thoughtfully responded to all of our requests with a smile – I don't know what we would have done without her!"

~ Leah Prassinos, Development & Marketing Coordinator

Kallan Nishimoto of Somei Yoshino Taiko EnsembleSOMEI YOSHINO TAIKO
A dynamic internationally
touring taiko drum performance company
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"Kristen is a rare find in the arena of website designers. Her combination of technical, artistic and people skills made her an ideal match for our website project.

"An artist in her own right, she is able to interpret and solidify concepts which often times are too complicated, emotional or ethereal to explain to most mainstream website technicians. She is quick and concise in the execution of her work, professional and has an enjoyable personality to boot!"

~ Kallan Nishimoto, Creative Director

Gloria Simoneaux of Harambee ArtsHARAMBEE ARTS
Provides art programs for vulnerable children througout Africa
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"Kristen made my dream website come true! She compassionately entered our world and approached design with genius, dedication, vision, and depth of understanding.

"Kristen is a FORCE, bringing light, love, color, spirit, beauty and life -- -all in a professional package.

"After searching for many years for the right designer--how lucky are we?!!"

~ Gloria Simoneaux, Executive Director

Mark Isola of St. Thomas More Society of Santa Clara CountyST. THOMAS MORE SOCIETY
Dedicated to the enhancement of the principles of St. Thomas More, the patron saint of lawyers and politicians, and to enhancing the spiritual lives of its members.
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"Kristen did an amazing job. Through her enthusiastic yet professional approach, she guided a complete novice like me through all of the steps of creating a website that looks amazing! We could not be happier, and would recommend Kristen to all types of businesses and organizations.

~ Mark V. Isola, Esq.
Vice-president, St. Thomas More Society of Santa Clara County

Bowen Hsu of KLM FoundationKLM FOUNDATION
Helps to improve access to higher education and social opportunities for talented young people from marginalized communities in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa.
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"Studio Kristen was a pleasure to work with throughout the web development process.

"The results of the site and the overwhelmingly positive feedback we've received speak for themselves. However, what we appreciated was her ability to translate our vision into a fantastic template, to work with our various and sundry design and text tweaks, and the proactive nature of her technical and design recommendations."

~ Bowen Hsu, Board of Directors

Pam Morton of DrawBridgeDRAWBRIDGE
An arts program for children serving the larger San Francisco Bay Area
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"Kristen is a great web designer. She is easy to work with, listens to our ideas and then magically makes it all happen!

"It's been a pleasure to update the DrawBridge site and see it come to fruition in such a timely fashion."

~ Pamela Morton, Executive Director

Carlos Jones of Teen Dance Company

Provides young dancers with a comprehensive dance education
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"Teen Dance Company of the Bay Area has been catapulted into the 21st century with the launching of its newly overhauled website. Thanks to Kristen's artistry the organization now has a website that echoes the standards of the company. Kristen is efficient, thorough, and reliable.

"If you are searching for the right designer to develop or update your website, stop... you just found her."

~ Carlos Jones, Former Artistic Director

The Voice of Affordable Housing
View website project in Studio Kristen portfolio >>

"Kristen offered great ideas and talent that helped quickly implement the website we were dreaming of.

"She worked around our hectic schedules and met our ever-changing opinions with grace and optimism. She is a great communicator and was able to break down the scary task of launching a website into manageable pieces."

~ Megan Kirkeby, Policy Associate

Theresa Howe of Community Housing PartnershipCOMMUNITY HOUSING
Solutions to homeless by working in partnership with people in San Francisco
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"Working with Kristen, we were able to transform our website to give viewers an in-depth, inspiring look into our work to help people overcome homelessness.

"The new website reflects our mission and values, offers people the opportunity to explore our history and gives a glimpse toward our future."

~ Theresa Howe, Director of Fund Development

Your Home for Cosmetic Family Dentistry
View website project in Studio Kristen portfolio >>

"Kristen, your work on my website is a masterpiece. You listened to my goals and interpreted them into a site that is beyond expectation and one that I am proud to have represent my dental practice.

"Thank your for your detailed organization, your always timely response, and your wonderful energy. You add a personal and artistic touch to everything you do and it is a pleasure working with you!"

~ Dr. Brett Hofmann, DDS

Maureen Futtner of Urban SolutionsURBAN SOLUTIONS
Fosters the well-being of of disadvantaged communities in San Francisco
View website project in Studio Kristen portfolio >>

"Kristen was a delight to work with through all phases of our website redesign. It’s always difficult to find a contractor on any level who meets the criteria of attention to detail, communication, organization, speed, creativity, and artistry.

"Kristen had all the bases covered and our new website far exceeded our expectations. We’re excited to work with Studio Kristen in the future."

~ Maureen Futtner, Development and Communications Director

Ruth Wuorenma of Neighborhood Capital InstituteNEIGHBORHOOD CAPITAL
Creates comprehensive
development plans based in Chicago, IL
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"Kristen took immediate action. It has been so easy to work with Kristen and the end result is terrific! The website sets exactly the right tone.

"Kristen really paid attention to my needs."

~ Ruth Wuorenma, President

Charles Anderson of Company C Contemporary BalletCOMPANY C CONTEMPORARY BALLET
Celebrated guest
choreographers and stunning performances by this critically acclaimed dance company
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"Kristen transformed our website into a fully functioning, interactive and engaging website that expresses the artistic quality and dynamic of Company C Contemporary Ballet.

"She worked with each member of our team to produce a cohesive site, and the product is beautiful! We felt that she valued our goals in terms of time sensitivity and creative vision. Kristen is just wonderful to work with!"

~ Charles Anderson, Artistic Director

Customized wedding website celebrating the couple who are planning a lifetime of love
View website project in Studio Kristen portfolio >>

"Kristen worked with us to understand our vision and selected imagery that reflected the colors and themes of our Hawaiian destination wedding. We are incredibly happy with the result and have gotten many compliments from guests about our website's beauty and comprehensive information.

"If you aren't able to have Studio Kristen be your maid of honor, then do the next best thing and hire her to create your wedding website!"

~ Jennifer McDonnell, The Bride

productions span a wide range of media including radio, film, video, audio tour and still photography.
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Programming by Ron Zvagelsky of
Wordpress Development

"Studio Kristen did it again! This is the second website that Kristen McDonnell has designed for me. It is clearly laid out, easy to navigate and visually beautiful. Kristen is a pleasure to work with; she is thorough, accessible, pleasant and always patient with my questions. This site was built in WordPress, so I can easily change and update information myself. Thank you, Kristen!"

~ Claire Schoen, Media Producer

Julie Martin of We Care of IndiaWE CARE OF INDIA
Promoting women's empowerment and children's advancement in rural environments of India
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"Kristen captured the emotion and mission of our non-profit without ever seeing it in person. It was as if she had experienced our orphanage first hand.

"At the completion of our site we were all more than thrilled.We are actually going to use this website as a launch pad to start spreading awareness about our mission through doing launch parties in 5 cities all over the world!"

~ Julie Martin, Executive Director

Marnie Delaney of doodlebug MarinDOODLEBUG MARIN
Arts and crafts supply store, art studio, clas and party room
View website project in Studio Kristen portfolio >>

"Kristen understood what my company doodlebug is all about, where I was trying to go with my business, and my vision for the website. After awhile, I also realized that she was taking things even further than I could have imagined.

"Kristen asks really smart questions, carefully listens to the answers, and then she cuts right through to the heart of the matter. She is imaginative, incredibly practical, and is a pure pleasure to work with."

~ Marnie Delaney, Owner

Kendra Kimbrough Barnes of Kendra Kimbrough Dance EnsembleKENDRA KIMBROUGH DANCE ENSEMBLE &
Integrates modern dance inspired by African, Brazilian, and North Indian cultures
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"Kristen, my new website looks great.

"I am so happy to have worked with you on the re-vamp of our site. You really did allow me to feel secure in the creation of it. I love that you stay connected with me to ensure that the website can serve me and my medium to the fullest!!!

"It was so exciting to finally launch!"

~ Kendra Kimbrough Barnes, Founder

Got Light?GOT LIGHT?
Creative solutions and state of the art lighting for a diverse range of events
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"Kristen created our animations with elegance and art. She approached our needs with patience, astonishing us by her lightning fast turn-arounds!

"Her work is gorgeous and she hit the bulls-eye, giving us exactly what we envisioned. She's the cat's meow."

~ Jon Retsky, Owner & Lead Designer

Zachary Peskin of Special People Helping OthersSPECIAL PEOPLE HELPING OTHERS
Dedicated to empowering
individuals with developmental disabilities
View website project in Studio Kristen portfolio >>

"Kristen has exceeded our expectations. As a charitable organization we had a tight budget; we could not afford to waste money on a website that did not portray our charity appropriately.

"Kristen developed our website well within our budget and above all the final product was incredible. Kristen took the time to understand our mission and she created a website that accurately portrayed our goals. "

~ Zachary Peskin, Founder

Toba Singer, Author of "First Position: A Century of Ballet Artists"TOBA SINGER
Author of dance book First Position, profiling dancers who represent the pinnacle of their
art over the last century
View website project in Studio Kristen portfolio >>

"Kristen is diligent, creative, responsive, fast and a joy to work with!

"I love the site more and more every day and continue to hear great things from others about it. It's a little like a garden that keeps surprising you with new and more glorious landscape."

~ Toba Singer,
Author of "First Position: A Century of Ballet Artists"


"Kristen took immediate action to create our inviting Diabetes During Pregnancy website. She worked within our limited budget to design a site that interprets our program's current look and feel for the web, and even took it a few steps further than we anticipated. The new design, featuring graphics from the CD-ROM we are promoting, balances the "folk-art" artistic direction of the CD-ROM with a level of professionalism for health care providers interested in learning more about the program. Within minutes of our website going live, we began receiving orders nationwide, allowing our Public Health information to reach those who need it most."

~ Deborah Glik, Professor of UCLA School of Public Health

Stephanie Verrières & Kimie Sako of Studio 23 House of DesignSTUDIO 23 HOUSE OF DESIGN
Offering professional costume design service for ballet, theater and film
View website project in Studio Kristen portfolio >>

"Kristen - Wow, the site looks great! I really love how everything turned out, especially the costume design page. The photos look good!

"I am very excited to go live with this. Thank you for all of your time and talent."

~ Stephanie Verrières & Kimie Sako, Designers


"Kristen created our fabulous website in a short period of time. Her photographs really capture the essence and ambiance of our City's library. Our patrons know this is what differentiates our library from the others around in the County."

~ Larry Chu, Mayor, City of Larkspur for Larkspur Library Endowment and Foundation Fund


"Kristen intuitively and quickly understood the challenges and issues we faced with our Executive Master of Public Health website at UCLA. She listened to our ideas for improvement, learned about us as a whole, added her own vision, and created a website that accurately showcases our mission. Our new website has become an integral marketing component, giving current and prospective students the information they need to better achieve their educational goals."

~ Kirstin Chickering, UCLA School of Public Health


"Kristen rescued our website! The original Heart-to-Heart website was both confusing and boring when Kristen stepped in and totally rebuilt it. She gave us a site that is compelling, easy to navigate and has a terrific opening animation. Then she continued to work and work on the site until we got every detail right. Kristen was quick, reliable and easy to work with. I highly recommend her for your next Internet project."

~ Claire Schoen, Producer, Heart-to-Heart Radio Project


"Kristen's website designs captured the essence of our community which supports the Larkspur Library through the Larkspur Library Foundation. Her artistic creativity elegantly expressed the vision and goal of the Larkspur Library Foundation."

~ Larry Lanctot, President, Larkspur Library Endowment and Foundation Fund


"Kristen is great to work with, she has an enthusiastic and professional demeanor. She took my vision and ran with it, creating the elegant website desired (without ever meeting in person.) It's better than I had ever imagined!"

~ David Henderson, Owner, Sequoia Floor Design


Ted Mersino"When I started working with Kristen, my ideas about my business and my website were general. I further defined my purpose and the identity of my business during the website creation process. During that time, Kristen gave me great suggestions and ideas on a design, creating an impressive website."

~ Ted Mersino, Principal of PivotalGrowth Inc.


"Kristen generated an artistic, creative, and intuitive web infrastructure for my site. Although she received little direction from me, other than I wanted to start a personal blog with daily quotes and pictures, she made it come to life reflecting my spirit and personality - and quickly! Her inspired vision was the launching point for the success of the Jenn Chantal enterprise."

~ Jenn Chantal, a personal blog

Project completed 1999

"Kristen, brava brava brava! Looks wonderful, feels wonderful. All the difference in the world. Kristen, you are a marvel! I am very impressed by everything you do on the website--your pages look attractive and inviting, the text is clear and well organized, the details are correct."

~ Denis Moreen, DMA Chair of Visual/Performing Arts of Notre Dame de Namur University

Project completed 1999

"You are absolutely a jewel when it comes to cooperation. Congratulations on the job you are doing on creating and updating our web pages. We appreciate everything you do."

~ Frank Burroughs, EdD, MBA Chair of Notre Dame de Namur University

Project completed 1999

"You have done a staggering job in creating a viable, user friendly, attractive Web site for the College. Finally, national recognition. Congratulations."

~ Miriam Zimmerman, EdD
Communication Department Chair, Retired
Notre Dame de Namur University


"Thank you, Kristen, for all the help in establishing the St. Thomas More Society website. We were fortunate that you had already created the website of the law firm of one of our executive committee members, and he was so satisfied that he recommended that you for our own. The results were outstanding! We hardly had a clue as to where to even start, but you patiently guided us through the traps, found us a very inexpensive host, made creative suggestions about how we might develop our content, and launched a site that made us all proud."

~ Stephen Walker, Past President, St. Thomas More Society of San Francisco