Client Lin Fischer Featured in Art Show 50/50

Client Lin Fischer will be featured in the upcoming Art Show 50/50 at the Sanchez Art Center opening August 24, 2012.

The Sanchez Art Center’s 4th annual 50-50 Show challenges artists to create a completely original work every day for 50 days, and this year 70 California artists will go from panic to brainstorm to full immersion in their mediums, and finally to a gala opening of a show that annually brings thousands of people out to see the results, in this case 3,500 new pieces of art. Phew!

It is as exciting to see the work as it is for the artists to realize they’ve met the challenge, which permits them to use any medium, 2D or 3D, as long as it fits in on 50 6×6-inch squares. Limiting? Yes! In a good way. No two artists approach the task the same way, and the ideas that are born out of the time-crunch-plus-the-format are absolutely stunning.